At Plakias Resorts by Alegria we are committed to ensuring the highest possible level of health and safety for both our staff and customers. In this context, we follow the legislation and regulations and carry out all the necessary actions in order to achieve optimal working conditions and avoid or reduce the occurrence of occupational accidents and other work-related health problems.

At our resort:

  • All employees are informed of the current applicable health and safety regulations
  • We ensure that the general manager and all department managers are directly responsible and accountable for anything that arises in relation to the health and safety of their subordinates and ensure that they cover their needs at all times
  • We have a doctor on a daily basis
  • All employees have access to medical care
  • All areas with restricted entrances are sign posted or locked
  • We carry out maintenance of our equipment and also collaborate with external cooperators in order to ensure maximum safety and security
  • We cultivate and promote a mindset of occupational risk prevention
  • We provide the necessary protective equipment and clothing to ensure safe working conditions
  • We constantly evaluate and when necessary upgrade and improve our methods of operation in order to eliminate possible accidents and injuries
  • In case of injury, we make sure that the employee returns to work following the doctor's recommendations, facilitating his return and reintegration
  • All employees have to carry out their responsibilities with regard to health & safety and comply with our policies

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Plakias Resort Crete
Plakias Resort Crete
Plakias Resort Crete
Plakias Resort Crete